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While diabetes mortality is rising for all races and income groups, complications and higher death rates occur particularly among minorities and low-income groups. Diabetes is epidemic. The high and rapidly increasing prevalence of the disease demands this description. The moment nations complete the “nutrition transition for organic remedies ” from traditional foods to the western diet, they begin developing high blood sugar levels. It happens like clockwork. 

Fortunately, what can help prevent this is eating whole plant foods in their natural form, as they come out of the ground. But that doesn’t prevent millions of new people from becoming pre-diabetic every year, putting them at risk of full-blown disease.
If you’re pre-diabetic and your doctor has told you that you need to get your blood sugar levels down, what natural, organic supplements and foods should you be eating to get the condition under control? Let’s take a look. 

Chickpeas for Organic Remedies

Chickpeas Organic Remedies

Whenever anybody started peeing sugar in India in the past, traditional doctors would immediately get them to start eating chickpeas. This legume seems to have an unrivalled ability to bring down blood sugar levels over the long-term, helping to prevent diabetes from threatening the life of the patient.

Chickpeas contain a number of elements that make them particularly good at fighting elevated blood sugar levels. The first is their high levels of fiber. Chickpeas are crammed with the stuff. But it’s not just any ordinary fiber you’d find in vegetables. Instead, it is a special type called resistant starch that makes its way down to the colon, feeding the good bacteria in your gut. By eating this type of starch, these bacteria begin churning out short-chain fatty acids which then absorb into the blood, reducing inflammation across the rest of the body. 

Indian Gooseberries for Pre-Diabetes

Indian Gooseberries

Gooseberries are healthy in their own right, but native varieties are nothing compared to the Indian gooseberry, sometimes called Amalaki. Studies show that this unique fruit is able to bring blood sugar levels down more than traditional diabetes medications, helping to ensure the life and health of the patient.
You can find Amalaki in most online health food stores. It usually comes in dried, powdered form, and is sometimes sold as a hair mask for making hair thicker and stronger.

Eating amla has some very interesting consequences for health. Taking it daily often leads to thicker, stronger hair growth over the entire body. It also helps to crush high cholesterol levels, leading to massive improvements in your overall metabolic health. 

Moringa for Pre-Diabetes

Moringa Organic Remedies

Moringa is yet another herb found on the Indian subcontinent and used to fight a range of diseases, including diabetes. The dietary supplement comes from the drumstick tree, sometimes called the ben oil tree, and, like Amalaki, leads to considerable improvements in overall metabolic health.

Moringa organic formulations are often sold for children to deal with conditions like asthma and constipation. These solutions contain a massive number of antioxidants and anti-inflammatories, helping to return the body back to normal sugar metabolism.

Remember, several factors cause diabetes. One is fat inside muscle cells preventing them from taking sugar out of the blood when insulin comes knocking. But another is inflammation in cells. This also interrupts the chemical process that draws glucose out of the bloodstream. Moringa helps fight this inflammation, returning the body to a state of health. 

Flaxseed for Organic Remedies


Flax is probably the most underrated food on the planet. Seeming to have been specially constructed to deliver maximum health benefits, these small seeds pack a massive amount of nutrition.

Flax is famous for being a plant source of omega-3 fatty acids. It is also loaded with fiber and helps to slow down gastric emptying. When you add flax to a meal, it forms a gelatinous substance in the stomach as it comes into contact with stomach juices. This feature slows down the rate at which your stomach can empty and derive calories from your meals. That, in turn, prevents dangerous blood sugar spikes and gives the pancreas a rest.

Ground flax meal hardly tastes of anything. For that reason, you can add it to virtually any dish without adversely affecting the flavor profile. Try it in bread, bean burgers, oatmeal, and even salads. 

Cinnamon for Pre-Diabetes

cinnamon Organic Remedies

The story of cinnamon and diabetes goes back a long way. For years, physicians have known that the spice has a considerable impact on the way the body processes sugar. Some studies seemed to reveal that cinnamon was a powerful diabetes remedy while others concluded that it was bogus.

The solution to the riddle turned out to be the type of cinnamon that the experimenters were using. Cassia cinnamon is the most common and what most major grocery brands use. It has a strong smell and works great in mulled wine. Ceylon cinnamon is sweeter and gentler and originally came from southeast Asia.

It turns out that the studies showing that cinnamon is a powerful way to fight diabetes used Ceylon, not cassia, cinnamon. And so, if you have pre-diabetes, choose the former over the latter.

Please note that cassia cinnamon may have liver toxicity if you use it over a prolonged period. 

Fenugreek for Organic Remedies


Fenugreek is one of the most interesting herbs on this list. Thanks to the unique way it seems to interact with the body.

Researchers studying fenugreek, for instance, have discovered that it seems to reduce the time it takes for athletes to recover from physical exertion. Evidence suggests that it increases the efficiency of basic energy production in your cells, providing you with an instant fitness boost.

Fenugreek also has the unusual property of making your body odor smell like maple syrup.

For people with pre-diabetes, fenugreek is vital because it contains a type of fiber that slows down the rate at which the gut absorbs sugar. Studies show that people taking fenugreek supplements as pre-diabetics are much less likely to go on to develop full-blown disease over the following two-year period.

Are you worried about becoming diabetic? If so, try some of these natural, organic remedies. Then get a check-up from your doctor to see if they’re working. 

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