Macarons- Step by Step Guide

Macarons (actual spelling), are said to be difficult to make. I did enough research to learn a few tips that actually made it a little easier and not quite so bad. That’s okay because after all, we are here to challenge ourselves, correct? Also, keep in mind, go easy on yourself and realize that you may not produce the perfect macaron every time. I sure know I didn’t.​Continue Reading

Flavors of Fall

Flavors of Fall

It is getting oh so cold outside. I love this time of year because I love the cozy feeling of a warm sweater, a fluffy throw blanket across my lap, and maybe sitting in front of a fire pit on the deck with good friends or just my loved ones. With the slight nip of a cool breeze, taking a sip of that just made hot cider or hot chocolate drink soothes that chill that can settle inside you.Continue Reading

Dinner Ideas

Classic Winter Dinner Ideas

Wintertime means comfort foods. But many of those classic winter dinner ideas can be time-consuming. Sometimes you really need something you can whip up really quick, but that’s hearty and warming.Continue Reading